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Posted on 8th Dec at 2:02 PM, with 10 notes
Animal Crossing, The Game That Changed My Life

I forget sometimes that not everybody knows this about me, but Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Nintendo DS is one of the video games that actually changed my life.

After getting involved with this game, I found myself on an IRC chatroom for one of the big fansites, made some friends, wound up on the forums and made some more friends. It just so happens that one of these friends, who lived clear across the country from me at the time, is now my husband! That feels like an eternity ago, and we’ve had some friends come and go and have had major life changes, but we’ve been happily married for just over a year now and I have Nintendo to thank for it almost entirely. I would have never met the perfect person for me without this game!

We played AC: Wild World wirelessly together, and got to play AC: City Folk together in our home. Thanks, Nintendo! We can’t wait for the 3DS iteration of Animal Crossing, especially since watching the Developer Roundtable last week! <3 Looking forward to it!

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